The entrance door, even in the humblest cottage, should always be a conspicuous feature in its front

A. J. Downing, Cottage Residences, Rural Architecture and Landscape Gardening (1842)

Welcome to the London Doorways research project. This is an initiative of ACO London Region, a branch of Architectural Conservancy Ontario. This project is a study of a specific style of triple-arched doorways found in London and surrounding communities in southwestern Ontario.

Latest research

  • Making Connections
    by Kyle Gonyou London Doorways are found on homes all of shapes and sizes. As detailed research is undertaken on, interesting clues have potentially connecting seemingly different London Doorways.  John Salter (1802-1881) was an important early Londoner. He served as apothecary and surgeon to the British Garrison during the Upper Canada Rebellion, was London’s first…

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  • London’s Door Jam
    REPOST from the London Free Press on March 10, 2012 Heritage advocate Julia Beck is trying to solve the mystery of who built the London door.
  • Bruce Street siblings
    by Dorothy Palmer The origins of the north Bruce streetscape east of Wortley Road stretch back to the tidy registered plan drawn up for Thomas Craig in 1870. This pair of archetypal side-hall-plan [SHP] cottages with their elegant London Doorways sit on a lot purchased by Henry Northey in 1884.  The city directory for 1884…

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